The Pravda Group was one of the first fine&casual dining restaurant chains after the Velvet Revolution of 1989 to begin operations in Prague when it won the tender to provide restaurant and catering services in Obecní Dům, Prague's famous Art Nouveau Municipal House, in 1992. With the French restaurant on the ground floor seating 500, the Plzeňská Restaurant, a typical Czech 'beer hall' in the basement, seating 300 and an in-house catering contract that could require the kitchen to provide for up to 2000 people, this first project was an extreme case of 'jumping in at the deep end', but, with only a few weeks of preparation, the dilapidated French restaurant opened with a flourish having been completely transformed into Prague's prime Brasserie, and together with the Plzeňská Restaurant, which opened shortly afterwards, the restaurants of Obecní Dům soon became famous throughout the Czech Republic.

koláž zahrádek a interiérů restaurací

Due to the major reconstruction of Obecní Dům in 1994, the building and all of its activities was closed in August 1994, but two months later, Pravda Group made headlines again by opening two more mainstream restaurants, the now famous Kampa Park and the sadly missed Segafredo, an Italian bistro which soon became the favourite haunt of locals and expats alike. Not content with the challenge of opening two new restaurants in a very short space of time,Pravda Group also opened an events and conference facility in the Palace Savarin in Prague's central Na Prikope street, which was one of the first venues in the city to offer international level conference facilities with top class cuisine.

While Kampa Park continued to flourish, the Pravda Group took the bold decision to sell the Segafredo bistro and Palace Savarin in order to concentrate on a new challenge. In August 1997 they opened a completely new style of restaurant for Prague, the innovative Barock Bar & Café which set a whole new standard for dining out and which is still regarded as one of the best restaurants in Prague. Barock was followed a year later by the stunning Pravda and in 1999 another Pravda, inspired by its Czech namesake, was opened in Marbella, Spain, making Pravda one of the first ever companies to establish itself successfully on the Czech market and then do the same elsewhere, rather than the other way around. In 2000, after thorough reconstruction work, another Pravda Group restaurant, Aqua, was opened in Prague.

However, in a quest to keep growing and trying new innovations, Aqua restaurant was sold and in September 2002 the Pravda Group opened its Mercedes Forum Bar & Café, a whole new restaurant concept with customers having the opportunity of savouring delicious food in a relaxed and unusual setting.

With each new restaurant opening, the Pravda Group sets new standards for restaurants in Prague and none have moved the goal posts further than the addition to the Pravda Group, the restaurant HOT, which opened in summer 2004. With its stunning interior design, world class cuisine and range of nightly entertainment, HOT offers something for everyone. It is difficult to imagine how it can be bettered.

With healthy eating an ever growing concern in today’s fast-moving, fast-food fuelled society the Pravda Group saw an opportunity to use its culinary expertise to help provide a healthier and actually tastier alternative. They opened the first branch of the “positive eating” Yessi café chain at the end of 2006. Branches 2 and 3 following shortly afterwards during 2007. An exceptional place full of unbelievably tempting delicacies prepared for a tasty breakfast, a light healthy lunch, or an unforgettable afternoon snack.

2007 was an industrious year for the Pravda Group, at the same time as opening the 2 new Yessi Cafes, we opened 2 new premises in the prestige Palladium shopping Centre:
Taste Restaurant, a self-service gastronomic journey around the world, led by thei front of house chefs who you simply tell what you feel like having and watch them create it while you wait. Another first for Prague by the Pravda Group, serving....well quite simply serving what ever you ask for!
UNO Restaurant, a sizeable creation with different sections catering for every mood and taste, from a classically stylish Pravda style dinning area, to a balcony lounge area over looking the other 4 floors of Palladium. With its exquisite Mediterranean style menu you can enjoy lava-grilled fresh fish and steaks or homemade pastas, as well as pizza (is there no end to what this group can apply their know-how to).

With its varied outlets Pravda Group has been able to build a wide clientele of celebrities and faithful restaurant goers. Amongst the celebrated names on the visitor's list are Václav Havel, President of Argentina, The King and Queen of Sweden, The King and Queen of Norway, Hilary Clinton, Mia Farrow, Michael York, Alain Delon, Isabella Rossellini, Bono - U2, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Madeleine Albright, Calvin Klein, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Jeremy Irons, Anthony Hopkins, Depeche Mode, Nastassja Kinsky, Neil Young, Frederick Forsythe, Matt Damon, Harvey Keitel, Sheryll Crow, Mick Jagger, Johny Depp, Daniel Craig, Gemma Arterton, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Roxette, Bryan Adams, Elton John, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvestr, Stallone, Lenny Krawitz, Deep Purple and many others...